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Hey Kiki I've always been a huge fan of your cosplays! your so amazing!! This last week I just started cosplaying seriously. I made all my costumes for AX14, and even though it was stressful it was still really fun. I really want to continue making more costumes I just have some problems. Money and Time. Ive been having a hard time with these two for a while. How do you find time to create your cosplays? and do you have any tips for cheap costumes? thanks!


To me, the key to affording cosplay is bargain shopping. I get most all of my fabric off of clearance racks or at walmart where it’s cheap
In other words, I don’t buy any fabric for more than ~3 $ per yard. If you just invest the time into /looking around/, you can definitely find things— accessories, buttons, fabrics, etc, for much cheaper! I also tend to make my own buttons from scratch since they’re usually so expensive! Find roundabout ways to make the hobby cheaper, because if you just take the time to look for them, they’re definitely there! I wrote a teeny bit more about it here and ..somewhere else that I can’t find right now TVT;;;

A really good method to getting away with cosplaying for cheap, is to buy things from thrift stores and alter them into the character’s outfit! This also helps you save time because rather than having to make  the piece entirely from scratch, you have the base all put together and you just have to alter it into accuracy~

As for finding time itself, just make sure you’re not overdoing it. With something that’s a HOBBY, you should never feel PRESSED for time. you should only ever work on a cosplay when you feel inclined to. If you’re constantly pushing yourself despite fatigue, distress, not wanting to, or deadlines, then you’re missing out on a HUGE part of the journey of cosplay that’s supposed to be FUN ! The process of creation is SO cool when it comes to cosplaying but if you’re miserable all the time during that process then you’ve missed out on a huge chunk o the adventure and might not have as much fun when you finally DO get to wear it or maybe you won’t feel as proud of it because it was more of a job than an adventure, you know? 

To keep this from happening, try things like planning your costumes WAY in advance. For me personally, giving myself a 2 days to finish a costume is what gets me really hyped to sew like crazy and makes it super fun for me. I enjoy cramming in a bunch of work in a small period of time so that’s my personal drive for sewing. But MOST people find that stressful and not fun at all, which is why I recommend giving yourself alot of time. If you can’t find motivation due to how far away your due date is, try repaying the game or rewatching the series inbetween sewing sessions, or turn on the OST while you make the costume! OSTS are a godsend for me when it comes to getting myself pumped up to finish a costume.

I hope these tips helped you out a bit ;v;
Just know that if you’re doing projects that you feel are too much of an impact on your wallet, you have the choice to choose smaller projects and make it easier on the paycheck.
Same goes for time— if you’re constantly feeling like you don’t have the time inbetween school or work or personal life, remind yourself that this is just a hobby. It’s not a race, or a competition, or an obligation. If things don’t get done when you planned for them to, sure it might be a bummer, but it’s not the end of the world! Remember that this hobby is about having fun and sharing similar interests with other people out there who have felt similar dejection from others due to their interests. Via cosplay, we can get together with people all over the world who have similar experiences and yet so many differences from us. Don’t let the idea that time and money are a barrier keep you from enjoying something that’s simply a hobby in the first place. ;v;

All hobbies are expensive, you know… but via coupons, sales, clearances, etc, we have the ability to cheat the pricetags a bit better with ours ;D

Good luck !!